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Utilidata Formally Brands its Distributed AI Platform Karman

October 16, 2023

Karman anticipates and solves real-time challenges at the edge of the electric grid

(Providence, RI - October 16, 2023) Utilidata, an AI-powered technology company, announced today the formal branding of its distributed AI platform, now known as Karman.

“For the past decade, Utilidata has advanced real-time software solutions to make the electric grid cleaner, more efficient, and more resilient,” said Theresa Gilbert, Chief Experience Officer at Utilidata. “We’re in a period of growth and evolution, making significant strides to bring distributed AI to the grid edge to support utilities and customers in their energy transition. Unveiling Karman reflects the dawn of a new era for both Utilidata and the grid.”

Karman utilizes NVIDIA’s accelerated computing to bring 100 times the processing power of other meter-based solutions to the edge of the grid, making it possible to capture high-resolution data and identify patterns in large volumes of data.

The distributed AI platform connects millions of endpoints — from meters to EV chargers and solar panels — and coordinates them to monitor and react to real-time conditions. By providing access to better quality data in real-time, Karman provides utilities with a last mile view of their system and serves as a foundation to operating the grid.

Today, distribution grid operators commonly forecast and monitor energy loads manually with minimal automation due to a lack of computing power at the grid edge for real-time decision-making. With Karman, utilities will have the ability to command grid assets in real-time and make split second decisions based on changing grid conditions.

The Karman platform provides real-time system visibility, electric vehicle integration, solar integration, demand flexibility and system resiliency. Specifically designed for grid operations with an open, software-defined architecture, Karman will become smarter and more valuable over time as new AI models are developed and more applications are added.

Meet Karman and learn more at www.utilidata.com.

About UtilidataUtilidata is an AI-powered technology company providing utilities with robust, real-time insights to operate a connected grid and better serve their customers. The company’s distributed AI platform, Karman, is powered by the NVIDIA Jetson platform, and provides unparalleled processing power at the grid edge to accelerate decarbonization and better serve people. For more information, visit utilidata.com.

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