What We Do

Utilidata is a global software company that works with electric utilities to enhance energy efficiency and grid security. The company’s patented technology captures real-time data from the grid giving utilities information needed to save energy, mitigate issues caused by distributed energy resources, and better detect grid anomalies.

As the market leader in Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO), our signature AdaptiVolt™ software leverages real-time information from the grid to enable utilities to adjust voltage and reduce wasted energy. We deliver 25-50% greater voltage reduction than any other solution on the market and offer the only solution that reduces grid asset operations.

Leadership Team

Utilidata has brought together a team of more than 50 professionals comprised of science, technology, engineering, energy market and regulatory experts to help utilities and large energy users deliver on the promise of the smart grid in a highly practical way and with measurable results.

In person or online demos available for electric utility companies or other electric distribution system operators.