Evergy Selects Utilidata For Voltage Optimization Pilot

Providence, RI – July 15, 2019 – Utilidata, Inc, the industry leader in energy optimization software extending from the substation to the grid edge, today announced that Evergy will be deploying the company’s AdaptiVolt™ technology on selected substations and circuits in its service area.  An electric utility serving 1.6 million customers in Kansas and Missouri through operating companies KCP&L and Westar Energy, Evergy is committed to ensuring the resiliency and modernization of its infrastructure through innovative solutions that provide exceptional results.

As part of its strategy to modernize the grid including preparation for distributed energy resources, Evergy has made substantial investments in distribution automation.  This pilot with AdaptiVolt provides Evergy an opportunity to enhance and reinforce existing technologies, while leveraging digital signal processing to understand real-time grid conditions. With a hyper-precise, line-by-line grid visualization powered by Utilidata’s software, Evergy will be able to respond to shifting conditions instantly, optimizing voltage delivery to ensure reliability, sustainability, and efficiency.

“Evergy wants to deliver safe, reliable and affordable service to customers and that requires a healthy, reliable electric grid,” said Kayla Messamore, Director, Long-Term Planning, Evergy. “To do that, we seek out innovative partners, like Utilidata, who are creating solutions that drive results and prepare us for the future. Working with Utilidata, Evergy seeks to leverage grid modernization investments, including advanced metering, to drive down costs and improve results for customers.”

AdaptiVolt is a pioneering Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO) technology that uses digital signal processing, real-time analytics, and adaptive control to optimize energy delivery without models or estimation. Utilities all across the country have seen remarkable benefits with AdapitVolt, including energy savings of between 3-5%, seamless DER integration, and enhanced grid visibility – all with no service disruptions to customers.

“Like Evergy, Utilidata is committed to creating a reliable, sustainable energy future,” said Josh Brumberger, CEO of Utilidata. “We have spent over ten years partnering with utilities to create meaningful, easy-to-deploy solutions that enable growth and modernization while meeting the expectations of today’s energy customers. We’re proud to work with Evergy on a data-driven approach to transforming the grid.”

To learn more about Utilidata and its industry-leading grid optimization products, visit www.utilidata.com.

About Utilidata®, Inc
Utilidata®, Inc., an energy software company backed by leading venture capital firms, is the industry leader in energy grid optimization. The company’s patented technology captures real-time signals from the electric grid and provides actionable insights to save energy, integrate distributed energy resources, and better detect grid anomalies. The company is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. For more information, please visit www.utilidata.com or follow @Utilidata on Twitter.