Intelligent Solutions for a Smarter Grid

Utilidata is a global software company committed to modernizing the electric grid. Our innovative technologies capture unprecedented, real-time electric grid intelligence that enables utilities to make smarter decisions—increasing efficiency and reliability, integrating distributed energy resources, and protecting the grid. We are helping define the future of energy.

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What We Do

Utilidata delivers intelligence and control to the edge of the electric distribution grid. Our Signal Intelligence Engine utilizes patented digital technologies to extract valuable, real-time information from the power grid, helping utilities manage energy, improve reliability, and save money. We help companies get out ahead of today’s evolving energy market — delivering measurable results, active intelligence, and asset control as the distribution grid continues to become more networked, more complex, and more threatened.

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AdaptiVolt™ Smart Voltage Optimization

Utilidata’s Signal Intelligence Engine powers our signature AdaptiVolt™ technology – the global market leader in Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO). AdaptiVolt™ takes adaptive, coordinated control of system assets in real-time for optimal decision making, providing the data analysis that enables utilities to adjust voltage, reduce wasted energy, and take customized control of system assets. We deliver 25-50% greater voltage reduction than any other solution on the market and offer the only solution that actually reduces grid asset operations by 30-50%. Our technology helps integrate and manage issues caused by distributed energy resources, like wind, solar, and electric vehicles, allowing utilities to increase reliability of the grid. We are helping to optimize the delivery of electric power.

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Leadership Team

Utilidata has brought together a team of more than 40 professionals comprised of science, technology, engineering, energy market and regulatory experts to help utilities and large energy users deliver on the promise of the Smart Grid in a highly practical way and with measurable results.

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Utilidata Careers

Utilidata has assembled a team of technology and utility experts to help utilities deliver on a promise of the smart grid in a highly practical way. We provide a flexible and consultative approach and can act as an extension of a utility's engineering team.

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