Our patented digital platform, the Signal Intelligence Engine (SIe), captures real-time data and circuit conditions from the electric distribution grid. Using Digital Signal Processing (DSP), the SIe provides operators and executives with new insights based on real-time, actionable data. We use this intelligence to deliver smarter voltage control, achieve best-in-class energy efficiency, improve reliability and detect grid anomalies.

Featuring a browser-based, graphical user interface that is used to monitor and control our suite of solutions, the flexible SIe platform and its control algorithms are highly scalable, can integrate with enterprise level applications and has the ability to extend to thousands of feeders across multiple substations.

From day one, we’ve been focused on real-time signals rather than predictive models based on assumed loads. Our real-time insight is what truly distinguishes our technology from other solutions on the market. We’re not trying to predict the outcome of random processes – we’re giving utilities the information they need to control system assets based on actual conditions on the grid.”  –  David Bell, Chief Scientist


Real-Time Control and Visualization

With our platform our customers gain unparalleled access to, and understanding of, the dynamics of voltage, VAR, and control signals on their unique distribution circuits. We leverage this real time expertise and deep understanding of the electric grid to solve our customer’s most pressing challenges - from energy efficiency to grid security.

Watch the animation below to learn more about how the Signal Intelligence Engine powers AdaptiVolt™, our signature voltage optimization software, by collecting and processing real-time data from the grid, enabling adaptive, coordinated control of smart grid devices for optimal decision-making and increased energy savings.

  • AdaptiVolt, is a closed-loop control system used for the management of voltage and reactive power on electric distribution systems
  • It provides a scalable, flexible approach and ease of integration with SCADA and DMS systems
  • It is proven to improve system stability and reliability

Cyber-Physical Security- A Growing Concern

In 2015, the Ukraine fell victim to a highly coordinated cyber-attack on its electric grid, leaving more than 230,000 residents in the dark and stranding back up power supplies in multiple locations.  More than two months after the attack, affected control centers were still not fully operational.  The attack was the first of its kind, foreshadowing how unprepared the utility sector may be as a primary target for disruption. Most experts agree that the United States is very much exposed to a similar, if not worse type of cyber-attack

To date, utilities and policy makers have focused on building knowledge around traditional cyber vulnerabilities that live within the information technology environment, with an emphasis on securing network communication transactions. However, there is a lack of expertise in the industrial control system (ICS) and cybersecurity space on solutions providing security for the highly connected operational technologies that control physical assets on the power grid.


Bridging the Gap Between Information Technology and Operational Technology

Utilidata has industry-leading experience in processing, analyzing and acting upon voltage, VAR and control signals from the primary distribution grid. We are focused on unlocking the potential of our technology to provide real-time operational insights that can be leveraged to protect a power grid that is expanding its threat surface as it becomes more networked.

Our platform and approach is designed to address the reliability objectives of operators as well as the information security concerns of IT departments, serving the requirements of both as the grid continues to add devices with SCADA and IT network connectivity. Additionally, our understanding of the complex security issues facing distribution utilities allows us to share best practices on technology implementation, meeting industry standards and identifying potential threats.

By combining the power of the Signal Intelligence Engine platform with our cyber-physical analytics and expertise of industrial control systems, Utilidata is uniquely positioned to help its customers detect and respond to persistent attacks deep within a utility's physical infrastructure.

User Interface



As the market leader and most advanced provider of Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO) automated voltage solutions in the world, we have successfully deployed more operational feeders with automated voltage control than any other company.

VVO makes the electric distribution system more efficient by using mechanical devices (such as voltage regulators and capacitor banks) to control voltage and reactive power making Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) more effective. Using VVO and CVR, utilities and industrial clients can save energy and deliver electricity at optimum voltage levels, improving the efficiency of grid assets and the resiliency of the entire distribution system.

The Utilidata Advantage

With AdaptiVolt™, we deliver 25–50% greater voltage reduction than any other solution on the market, we decrease equipment operations by 30-50% from baseline operations; and, we are the only real-time VVO solution that has been proven to mitigate the effects of distributed energy resources, such as wind and solar. Utilidata has consistently produced energy savings and demand reduction in the 3-5% range.

Our superior Measurement & Verification system is recognized across North America as the reference standard for the estimation and analysis of voltage optimization on electric distribution systems.

Here are some of the key points that set us apart:

  • Delivers 25-50% greater voltage reduction than its competitors
  • Decreases equipment operations by 30-50% from baseline operations
  • Consistently produces energy savings and demand reduction in the 3-5% range


A National Solution to Energy Efficiency

As utilities across the country look to invest in smart grid technology, improve energy efficiency and meet new state standards and regulations, Utilidata offers a cost-effective, demand reduction tool.

Unlike most other energy efficiency solutions, Utilidata’s VVO software does not depend on any customer action – meaning that the benefits we achieve can be experienced by nearly all utility customers, rather than only those who participate in energy efficiency programs.

If Utilidata’s Volt/VAR Optimization solution, AdaptiVolt, were deployed on all eligible circuits in the United States, our nation would experience an annual energy savings of 97,560,000,000 kWh. That would equate to a reduction in utility customers’ bills across all sectors - residential, commercial and industrial, of $9.84 billion every year.

To put that in perspective, an annual energy savings of 97,560,000,000 kWh is equivalent to:

  • Avoiding the emission of 67 million metric tons of CO2 that would have polluted the atmosphere
  • Removing the greenhouse gas emissions from 14.2 million passenger vehicles
  • Installing 18,600 wind turbines; or building 8,880 solar farms, which would be the size of approximately 171,000 football fields.

Responding to the Cyber-Physical Grid

Today, on the distribution grid, a malicious actor can disrupt the delivery of energy with subtle, yet coordinated, operations of various smart grid devices across multiple control systems. Utilidata's industry-leading experience in monitoring and controlling power flow dynamics provides the essential utility perspective when analyzing such malicious attacks on the modern cyber-physical grid.

Our incident response service generates a post–attack forensics analysis outlining the exact details of any attack event, describing the techniques performed by the malicious actors involved and identifying short and long term strategies that will limit risks and enhance cybersecurity for our utility partners in order to prevent similar attacks.


World Class Forensics Team

Our unique understanding of industrial control systems within the cybersecurity space stems from our experience networking and commanding supervisory control of various smart grid devices across multiple distribution systems. Our forensics team is assembled of experts within the networking and operational space of the cyber-physical grid.

The Utilidata forensics and incident response framework leverages numerous operational signals obtained from field devices to provide a critical operational element that is missing from traditional network-centric analysis.

This framework allows our world-class forensics and incident response team to specify guidance on remediation, provide visibility into vulnerabilities that should be addressed and determine the priority in which these risks should be tackled.