Utilidata CEO Co-Authors Report to Homeland Security Advisory Council

Protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks requires significant coordination between private industry, state governments, and federal governments – an issue that Utilidata CEO Scott DePasquale has been working to address through his role as Chairman of the Rhode Island Cybersecurity Commission and as a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council’s Cybersecurity Subcommittee.

In 2016, this Subcommittee delivered a report to the Secretary of Homeland Security providing recommendations on how the Department of Homeland Security can provide a more unified approach to support state, local, tribal and territorial (SLTT) government officials in managing cyber risk. The committee identified core themes for improvement, including: cyber threat analysis and information sharing; education, training and workforce development; research and development; and shared best practices. The report details recommendations for both Homeland Security and the SLTT community, encouraging the Department to eliminate redundancies and “keep it simple” and creating a framework for governance on the SLTT level.

Read the full report from the Homeland Security Advisory Council Cybersecurity Subcommittee at www.dhs.gov.