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Utilidata’s real-time analytics and control technology powers the energy ecosystem.

Driving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, boosting resiliency, integrating DERs.

The Signal Intelligence Engine

Utilidata’s patented platform enables real-time insights and interventions on the electric grid. Using digital signal processing, our technology is a faster, more precise way to optimize and monitor grid components, leading to superior results:


Voltage Optimization for Utilities

Utilidata provides the most advanced grid optimization solution on the market, having successfully deployed Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO) on more operational feeders than any other company.

  • Only real-time VVO solution
  • 25-50% greater voltage reduction than any other solution
  • Cost savings for utilities and their customers

Plus, our optimization capabilities allow for the successful and seamless integration of distributed energy sources. Insights can identify optimal locations for DER systems and mitigate the volatility of intermittent generation.

Through a partnership with Itron, Utilidata’s app for OpenWay Riva brings the benefits of real-time monitoring and control directly to the grid edge, pioneering an entirely new approach to distributed computing and communications for grid optimization.


Conservation Energy Reduction

Utilidata’s solution can drive powerful efficiencies for large energy users, leading to 3-5% energy reductions, reduced carbon footprint, and enhanced device longevity.

One campus saw an annual energy savings of over 2,000,000 kWh, in addition to:

  • Overall demand savings of 4.4%
  • Tap changer operations reduction over 15%
  • Offset the equivalent of over 1,500 tons of CO2

CVR offers long-term, sustainable benefits that are unmatched by traditional energy efficiency programs.


Grid Monitoring & Security

Attacks on the electric grid are a growing and urgent concern. Utilidata’s real-time monitoring capabilities go further than other defensive software solutions:

  • Examines process and equipment behavior
  • Identifies anomalous behavior through machine learning
  • Alerts utilities with quantifiable intelligence for actionable responses

Utilidata’s unmatched and unparalleled capabilities deliver a never-before-seen level of intelligence to the grid.


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