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Utilidata is putting real-time operational controls at the grid edge to make the grid smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable.

Optimization at the Grid Edge

Utilidata’s software is the operational intelligence inside smart meters and other grid edge devices. Our real-time platform is built on three patented capabilities:

  • Virtual Power Flow - a digital twin that predicts electric grid conditions with greater than 99% accuracy
  • Optimal Power Flow - proven machine learning to optimize grid operations all the way to the grid edge
  • Anomaly Detection - algorithms that identify anomalous events, from security breaches to pre-fault conditions

We leverage these capabilities to:

  • Optimize voltage to make the grid more efficient
  • Enable DER growth to make the grid more sustainable
  • Enhancing smart meters to deliver greater value to customers

Optimizing Voltage

Utilidata provides the only real-time grid optimization solution on the market and has successfully deployed Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO) on more operational feeders than any other company.

Our solution delivers:

  • 3-5% overall energy savings
  • 25-50% greater voltage reduction than any other solution
  • Cost savings for utilities and their customers

Enabling DER Growth

Utilidata’s technology allows seamless integration of renewable energy sources, including solar panels, electric vehicles, battery storage and more.

Our patented capabilities enable us to:

  • Utilize grid edge data to fully understand and respond to DER-grid interactions
  • Optimize grid and DER operations in real-time to minimize system costs and maximize DERs on the grid
  • Identify DER faults and distinguishes them from normal grid operations to reduce solar interruptions

We are currently working on a project in New York that will directly integrate our platform with smart inverters to demonstrate an end-to-end solution that can dramatically increase our solar on the grid in a way that is safe, reliable, affordable and fast.


Enhancing Smart Meters

Utilidata has established ground-breaking partnerships with the largest meter companies in the world to unlock greater value from advanced metering infrastructure and maximize grid modernization efforts. We bring real operational and control capabilities to the meter and leverage AMI data to improve outcomes.

We are currently working with Landis + Gyr to embed core operational algorithms in advanced meters and we were the first to launch a third-party application for Itron's OpenWay Riva platform.


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