Cyber-Security Services

Responding to the Cyber-Physical Grid

Today, on the distribution grid, a malicious actor can disrupt the delivery of energy with subtle, yet coordinated, operations of various smart grid devices across multiple control systems. Utilidata’s industry-leading experience in monitoring and controlling power flow dynamics provides the essential utility perspective when analyzing such malicious attacks on the modern cyber-physical grid.

We’ve partnered with Raytheon – a global defense contractor and leader in cyber security – to provide the first holistic cyber-physical grid assessment and incident response service catered specifically to power utilities. The partnership combines Utilidata’s experience in the use of real-time data from the grid to detect and respond to cyber-attacks with Raytheon’s expertise in managing dwell time, threat hunting and managed security services.

World Class Forensics Team

Our unique understanding of industrial control systems within the cybersecurity space stems from our experience networking and commanding supervisory control of various smart grid devices across multiple distribution systems. Our forensics team is assembled of experts within the networking and operational space of the cyber-physical grid.

The Utilidata forensics and incident response framework leverages numerous operational signals obtained from field devices to provide a critical operational element that is missing from traditional network-centric analysis.

This framework allows our world-class forensics and incident response team to specify guidance on remediation, provide visibility into vulnerabilities that should be addressed and determine the priority in which these risks should be tackled.