Protecting the Grid from Russian Hackers

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security shared that over the past few years, Russian hackers have gained access to the control rooms of multiple utility companies. As reported in Utility Dive, “the hackers used relatively common techniques – like spearfishing emails – to steal credentials from these companies and gain access to utility networks thought to be secure.” And the goal of these hackers is to “learn how to take the normal and make it abnormal.”

Detecting the Abnormal

Our Signal Intelligence Engine technology enables utilities to detect abnormal grid conditions in real-time. The real-time visibility we provide enables utilities to continuously monitor and assess system behavior – making it easier to detect potential cyber-attacks quickly.

Keeping the Grid Secure

The electric grid is incredibly complex, and there is not a one-size-fits all solution to cybersecurity. Addressing threats like the ones coming from Russian hackers will require robust cybersecurity programs, with increased collaboration between those responsible for information technology and those responsible for physical equipment, employee trainings on cyber hygiene and how to avoid threats like phishing, and technology solutions that help modernize and secure the electric grid.
To effectively secure the grid, utilities, regulators, government agencies, technology vendors, and researchers will all need to continue working together. We look forward to continuing to be part of that collaboration.