Massachusetts Grid Modernization Announcement

Last week, Massachusetts state officials issued a grid modernization order, authorizing a $220M budget for improvements targeted at preventing and responding to outages, and allowing for better accommodation of renewable energy sources.

This is fantastic news for the state and its resident, for many reasons. But we were especially pleased to see that the Department of Public Utilities has identified VVO as a solution highlighted for investment. They write that VVO will “maximize benefits to customers, [and] will result in measurable progress toward achievement of the grid modernization objectives.”

We’ve long known that VVO – and especially solutions that use real-time monitoring and control technologies – offer a better way to drive outcomes and incorporate renewable energy sources. Because solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources are subject to natural forces, they’ve traditionally been difficult to manage and plan for. But not with VVO technologies like ours. By enabling grid responsiveness and agility, VVO technologies like Utilidata’s Adaptivolt mitigate a lot of the uncertainty and risks involved with bringing on renewable energy sources.

Ultimately, this has huge societal benefits. A greater investment in grid modernization, and VVO in particular, means that Massachusetts will see better energy outcomes: more sustainability, better grid resiliency, and, not least of all, lower costs for utility customers. Congrats to MA!