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The grid as it should be.

Real-time insights that make energy smarter and more sustainable.

  • Tim Horan

    President, National Grid of RI

    National Grid is committed to working with the Rhode Island Division of Public Utilities and Carries to deploy Utilidata’s Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO) technology – AdaptiVolt – across its entire electric system.
  • Sharelynn Moore

    SVP Networked Solutions, Itron

    Utilidata is taking advantage of the distributed intelligence capabilities of the OpenWay Riva platform to bring even greater connectivity, intelligence and control to utilities and their customers.


Our software uses real-time, distributed intelligence technology to drive greater sustainability, resiliency, and efficiency for electric utilities and their customers.

  • l

    Enhanced Visibility

    Model-free, continuous analysis of real-time grid conditions

  • j

    Software-Based Solution

    Integrates with existing devices, low burden to implement

  • u

    Unparalleled Energy

    Superior performance of 3-5% energy savings; minimized carbon footprint

  • s

    DER Integration

    Allows seamless integration of renewable energy sources

  • d

    Undisrupted Service
    & Quality

    Benefit realized with any behavior change from consumers


Utilidata is bringing its proven technology to the grid edge

Our new applications for smart meters help utilities drive superior outcomes, cost savings, and efficiency.

Our diverse team of industry leaders and technology experts have earned the trust and partnership of some of the nation’s largest energy users and providers.