Expanding Grid-Edge Innovation in Ohio with FirstEnergy

We are excited to announce that Utilidata is now working with FirstEnergy, expanding our presence in Ohio, a state that has been at the forefront of grid-edge modernization and voltage optimization. Over the past decade, we’ve worked with AEP Ohio to deploy our AdaptiVolt™ on more than 160 circuits across the state, proving that our innovative voltage optimization solution delivers more than three percent energy savings, along with other operational benefits. We’re now also going to be working with FirstEnergy, one of the nation’s largest investor-owned electric systems, to deploy AdaptiVolt™ on nine circuits Cleveland, Ohio.

By using AdaptiVolt™, FirstEnergy will join AEP Ohio in delivering greater grid reliability, resiliency, and energy savings. This energy savings is passed along to customers, all without them having to take any action. In addition to direct customer savings, our platform provides the utility greater visibility into real-time grid conditions and enables seamless integration of distributed energy resources. It is extremely cost beneficial and a foundational part of any grid modernization effort.

Unlike other voltage optimization products, AdaptiVolt™ uses digital signal processing and adaptive control to respond to grid conditions in real time. Voltage is adjusted automatically and immediately optimized to ensure efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. When utilities deploy our technology in conjunction with advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), we can deliver an additional one percent energy savings over traditional voltage optimization implementations, which largely offsets the costs to customers of AMI investments.

We’re excited to add FirstEnergy to our growing list of utility partners nationally and to work together to expand grid-edge innovation across the state of Ohio.