Environmental and Consumer Advocates Support Voltage Optimization in Illinois

Exciting news this week in Illinois, where state regulators approved Ameren’s plan to deploy voltage optimization throughout the company’s service territory. Illinois regulators have long recognized the value of voltage optimization (VO) in delivering energy savings to all customers, and requirements for deploying VO were included in the Future Energy Jobs Act, which passed the state legislature in 2016.

We’re always excited to see utilities expand their use of voltage optimization, but this announcement is particularly noteworthy because it was supported by environmental and consumer advocates, who recognize the value this technology can deliver to consumers.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Although most people have likely never heard of voltage optimization, it is a simple and cost-effective solution will have widespread benefits for Ameren Illinois’ customers. Today’s ICC order will also help Ameren Illinois find innovative and low cost solutions using voltage optimization for even more customer savings in the future.”

“We are pleased that Ameren Illinois has taken a key step toward making its power grid more efficient and affordable. We look forward to working with the utility to find even more ways to improve efficiency and reduce electric bills for customers across Central and Southern Illinois.”

“Voltage optimization is a smart way for utilities to cut energy waste, leading to cleaner air and lower electricity bills for Illinoisans. Ameren Illinois’ plan represents a big step forward on efficiency, especially for those who stand to benefit the most.”

As states look for ways to deliver energy efficiency savings to all customers – without requiring them to make any investment or change their behavior – it’s becoming clearer that voltage optimization is a win-win.

We’re excited to see growing support for our kind of technology and look forward to working with utilities like Ameren to deliver best-in-class savings.

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