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Our team is passionate about energy, sustainability and technology.

A little obsessive, a little bit geeky, a little ahead of our time we're charting the future of the electric grid.

Everything we do is driven by our values.

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    Focus on the Future

    We’re ahead of the curve, and we intend to stay there. We’re fueled by an obsession to find creative, ground-breaking solutions to new and existing challenges.

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    We stand by our word, and we’ll bend over backwards to meet expectations. When unexpected things happen, we take responsibility and find a new way forward.

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    We’re stronger together – it’s that simple. The collective goal is the highest goal, and no job is too small if it gets us there.

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    Our customers are our strongest partners, and we are committed to delivering products that specifically and effectively fit their needs.

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    Social & Environmental

    Utilidata is founded upon the idea that nothing should be wasted. Environmental and social consciousness is built into the DNA of our business.


Utilidata is committed to using our energy for good.

We are proud supporters of local Rhode Island initiatives around diversity, accessibility, and sustainability.

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