A Big Win for Green Energy & Rhode Island

We were thrilled by yesterday’s announcement that RI has selected local company Deepwater Wind to develop the state’s latest offshore windfarm investment.

As an energy innovator, we are so pleased to see government-led investments in new, renewable energy sources that make electricity greener. There are a multitude of social benefits here, not least of which are the jobs this initiative will bring to the state. Rhode Island is a pioneer in the green energy economy – the state built the nation’s first offshore windfarm – and we’re showing other communities how economically beneficial it is to invest in alternative energy sources.

Separately, as a local start-up, we’re excited that one of our own is gaining national attention for its leadership in the energy space. Rhode Island has always been an entrepreneurial state, and the success of companies like Deepwater Wind are a testament to the supportive local business environment. We’re proud to be aligned with them, as we both work towards a better energy future, both in Rhode Island and around the world.

Finally, as governments and communities invest more deeply into renewable energy sources, solutions like Utilidata’s become even more crucial to ensuring uninterrupted, reliable electricity to all utility customers. It’s an honor to be a part of the solution to the growing renewable energy demands of our time.